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🎙️ Hosted by Sofia Syntaxx
🗣️ Using humor to educate & radicalize
🤯 Inspiring stories, resources & strategies to decolonize your mind

The ANGR Podcast with Sofia Syntaxx is a new podcast where Anishinaabe activist and performer Sofia Syntaxx gives you an intimate look at what it means to be indigenous in today’s topsy-turvy modern world. 

The ANGR Podcast will unpack tough topics with comedy, good research, and personal connections. Host and producer Sofia Syntaxx will also be teaching a new word or phrase in Ojibwe each episode.  It’s a podcast for anyone who is putting in the work to be their best selves, who wants to be a better ally, challenge assumptions, and change the world.  You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll kiss your heartbreak goodbye! 

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New episodes on the 23rd of the month.

Mi’iwi [that’s all]

Transcript – English

Aanii boozhoo! Welcome to the Angry NDN Girl Radio podcast, or ANGR for short, a bi-weekly show about decolonizing our minds through laughter and storytelling.

I’m your host, Sofia Syntaxx.

You may remember me from reading my blog, Too Sexy For Contacts, or watching me do burlesque as the Tattoo’d Tapper and Clever Linguist.

MAYBE you’re one of my former students listening in, or a current student who’s gunning for some extra credit. Whoever you are, and however you got here, welcome.

On this show you will hear my hot takes and unpopular opinions on the issues and stories that are shaping our world, particularly as they affect indigenous, disabled, and queer people.

We’ll unpack tough topics with comedy, good research, and personal connections.

We’ll be challenging the beliefs and narratives we’ve all been taught since childhood and exposing ourselves to innovative and creative new ways of thinking.

Maybe you want to be a better ally to your indigenous friends.

Or maybe you don’t actually know any Native people -it’s ok! No shame or judgment here. Don’t worry. Now you’ve got me, I’ll be your NDN friend, and together we’re going learn, and unlearn, a few things we didn’t know we needed to know!

You should listen if you are somebody who wants to be their best self and loves a straight-talking friend to give you all the tea, topped with a side of humor. 

Join me every other Tuesday as we talk about what’s making me angry, from Thanksgiving, student loans, using my culture as a costume, the fact that Flint STILL doesn’t have clean drinking water, straw bans, and SO.MUCH.MORE.  

I will also be teaching youse some of my indigenous language, Anishinaabemowin!

Every episode will feature a new word or phrase in Ojibwe.

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I’ll give you a teaser: MIIGWEETCH! Miigweetch is our word for thank-you, and I’d like say CHI’MIIGWEETCH, or BIG THANKS, to all our Patreons.

Producing a podcast can be expensive. There’s editing, hosting, software and audio equipment… and that’s just for starters. That’s why we ask you to support us on Patreon. Patreon is a way to support projects that you love and you want to make sure continue in the world.

This podcast wouldn’t be happening if it weren’t for our supporters on Patreon.

They help us cover our costs, call in outside helpers when our skill set is lacking, and continue to grow this show into the best version it can become. 

The things that I’m dreaming of doing, such as having episode transcripts translated into other languages, and adding interviews for season two-those don’t happen without our supporters on Patreon. I’d love for you to be one of our supporters too.

Go to Patreon dot com, spelled P A T R E O N dot com slash A N G R podcast, all one word, and support us at whatever level that you can.

Every little bit makes a difference! And you get to walk around in the world knowing that you are a Patron of the arts, the INDIGENOUS arts evennnnnnn.

Miigweetch in advance for supporting us on Patreon and helping us tell the stories the world needs to hear.

Mi’iwi[that’s all]

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