Vegans, Tik Tok, and the Fight for Indigenous Food Sovereignty

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In this episode host Sofia Syntaxx talks plant-based activism, the problems with white veganism, and what we’re all getting wrong when we talk about food.

Hear Sofia’s reaction to a certain viral TikTok video with allegations of vegan oppression.

Learn the meaning of the Anishinaabemowin word wiisinidaa.

Is veganism colonialism?

Digressions include the conviction of George Floyd’s murderer, protecting the rights of migrant farm workers in the United States, working conditions of farmers from the global south, and how Jair Bolsonaro is harming more than just Brazil with his genocidal environmental practices.

Sofia also recommends several indigenous cookbooks.

Decolonize your diet

Here is a list of indigenous cookbooks that Sofia recommends to help you decolonize your diet.

“What’s so frustrating about too many animal-free platforms is the bizarre prioritization of animal welfare over that of the humans who produce the food.”

Erin White

All of the books on this list were sourced and created within the communities they represent, and many include resources on traditional harvesting practices in addition to cooking recipes.

*INTERESTING ASIDE: “The Forgotten Traditional Foods of Fisher River” by the University of Winnipeg and Fisher River Cree Nation may be one of the few indigenous cookbooks that features both English and indigenous languages side by side.

Winner of the Gourmand 2020 Spring Harvest Award, this book is a collaboration between the University of Winnipeg indigenous studies department and the Fisher River Cree Nation.

This cookbook is available for purchase by contacting Crystal Moore at

Funds from the book are contributed to support student activities in the indigenous studies department and the revitalization of indigenous foods. 

🎙️ Hosted by Sofia Syntaxx
🗣️ Using humor to educate & radicalize
🤯 Inspiring stories, resources & strategies to decolonize your mind

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