Aanii boozhoo!

Welcome to the Angry NDN Girl Radio podcast, or ANGR for short, a monthy show about decolonizing our minds through laughter and storytelling.

The show is hosted by Sofía Syntaxx.

You may remember Sofía from reading her blog, Too Sexy For Contacts, or watching her do burlesque as the Tattoo’d Tapper and Clever Linguist.

Whoever you are, and however you got here, welcome.

On this show you will hear Sofía’s hot takes and unpopular opinions on the issues and stories that are shaping our world, particularly as they affect indigenous, disabled, and queer people.

We’ll unpack tough topics with comedy, good research, and personal connections.

We’ll be challenging the beliefs and narratives we’ve all been taught since childhood and exposing ourselves to innovative and creative new ways of thinking.

Maybe you want to be a better ally to your indigenous friends.

Or maybe you don’t actually know any Native people -it’s ok! No shame or judgment here. Don’t worry. Now you’ve got me, I’ll be your NDN friend, and together we’re going learn, and unlearn, a few things we didn’t know we needed to know!

You should listen if you are somebody who wants to be their best self and loves a straight-talking friend to give you all the tea, topped with a side of humor. 

Join us on the 23rd each month as we talk about what’s making me angry, from Thanksgiving, student loans, using indigenous culture as a costume, the fact that Flint STILL doesn’t have clean drinking water, straw bans, and SO.MUCH.MORE.  


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